ReActiv8 Patient Education Webinars & Events

Join our monthly webinar to learn about our new and proven restorative therapy option that treats multifidus muscle dysfunction, which can be the underlying cause of mechanical chronic low back pain.

2023 Schedule:

Dr. Giuffrida

Dr. Westerhaus

Dr. Bundy

Dr. Chakravarthy

Dr. Giuffrida 

Dr. Westerhaus

Dr. Kneeman

Dr. Langhorst

Dr. Sanders

Dr. Joyal 

August 16

September 20

October 18

November 15

December 20

Dr. Meredith Langhorst (Spinal Diagnostics & Therapeutics) and Amy Koch (PT) discuss the importance of educating patients on multifidus dysfunction and providing patients with a new treatment option: ReActiv8 Restorative Neurostimulation.